About Us

NeshaKiwi is our brand, which is a melting pot of all of our endeavors including our blog/youtube, apparel line, events, and acts of philanthropy. NeshaKiwi isn’t just about us, it’s a platform for black women to feel inspired and connect with each other. We’re all about self-expression and the comfortability in being your true self. We don’t believe in conforming to the masses.

Meet Ronnesha

It’s very easy to set goals. The hardest part about achieving your goals is not letting self-doubt dictate your outcome. I would find myself starting projects and never finishing because of predicted failure. It took me years to find confidence within myself and accept my flaws, especially because the representation of black women in society is damaged. Growing up, I wasn’t popular, I felt different and weird. My self-esteem was non-existent because I wasn’t secure with who I was. When I started blogging my inner thoughts I felt like I could escape into a world that was accepting of me and my creativity. I felt like I belonged somewhere and that was the greatest feeling. I became passionate about creating and having the freedom to do whatever I wanted in life. When you’re truly passionate about something your mind will not allow you to stop focusing on whatever it is you love to do. I no longer strive to be the smartest, prettiest, coolest girl in the room. When I enter a room, I want my positive aura and creativity to radiate and inspire people. I want to connect with young black women who feel lost and help them find the confidence to manifest their dreams into reality. NeshaKiwi is very important to me because after years and years of doubting myself I am finally silencing the negativity and doing what makes me happy! I am excited that I’m able to bring my vision to life through NeshaKiwi.

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“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it” –If you are passionate about something DO NOT stop working for it. I never wanted to grow old and constantly complain about how I should have followed my dreams. No matter how old you are there is always time to create the life you always wanted.

Meet Kimia

This blog is a manifestation of ideas I’ve been harboring but felt could never take off. For the longest, I’ve felt defeated by self-doubt. I’m sure like a lot of people, middle school and high school were some of the most interesting years of my life regards to the social aspect. Of course, this is a time where a lot of insecurities spawn. I became conscious of the flaws that were presented by peers around me. I felt my voice waste as important as the “cool kids” that surrounded me so I hindered myself from doing things that I was truly interested in. In 10th grade I was at a new school, I found myself trying to be something I wasn’t, which oddly enough got me in the “in crowd”. I quickly realized that I didn’t like being put in a box and being designated to who I could and could not talk to. Once I came to terms with this I was able to do things I wanted and not because of how others had influenced me. All this time I’ve realized the reason I’ve never truly applied myself was solely based on self-doubt, something I’ve manifested for years which I had 100% control over. I spent so much time neglecting my own identity and trying to image together something I wasn’t. It became apparent to me that anything that makes you an individual should be embraced. NeshaKiwi is a brand my best friend and I have created as an agreement to finally see our creative ideas emerge into reality.