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Listen Up: Our Favorite Black Hosted Podcasts!

Hey everyone! Long time right? Well we are back and we wanted to share with you all a couple of our favorite podcasts! BLACK hosted podcasts to be specific! Take a look at our list and enjoy these motivational, inspiring and hilarious podcast!

Black Girl Podcast is a cast of five carefree black women working in the entertainment industry, who are super relatable! These women openly discuss black culture, relationship/ dating advice, self love, politics and just overall everyday struggles with no filter. What makes this podcast special is that they speak on being undeniably black while shutting down stereotypes and not conforming to society’s box that black women are constantly put in. Black Girl Podcast exudes natural, raw, and hilarious  content of personal stories and viewpoints.

These women will have you feeling as if you’ve gained five new best friends! There isn’t anything formal about this podcast so anything goes!

You can check them out on SoundCloud and the podcast feature on Apple devices

Instagram: @blackgirlpod

Twitter: @blackgirlpod

Side Hustle Pro targets listeners whom envision themselves turning their hobbies and passions into careers. The podcasts also gives insight on how sustain a lucrative “side hustle” while balancing a full time job. Nicaila Matthews Okome, creator of “Side Hustle Pro” uses this platform to coach listeners through how to go about deciding on a suitable business venture, funding your business, expanding your business, and more.

The show introduces black successful female  entrepreneurs who discuss and share their tips on important initial steps taken towards building an enterprise as well as marketing strategies to building and expanding your brand. The entrepreneurs featured range from various business ventures in all areas of expertise. Each episode aims to provides resources useful to the target audience. This podcast is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs needing direction that aids in fueling future endeavors.

You can check them out at http://www.sidehustlepro.co/ and on the Podcast App on Apple Devices

Millennial Lov3 is curated by 3 millennials, Justin, Miche and Cara D and is based out of Dallas, Texas. Emerging in 2016, they wanted to put together a podcast that covered the struggles of sex, love and selfishness –which prompted them to title their series, “Sex, Love, & I’m Selfish AF!”.  This group of millennials have alluring personalities that blend well together, despite their different views on certain topics. Together they bring you a hilarious show filled with fun and laughter. On the other side, they  touch on real life concerns and express the importance of innovation and empowerment. These three millennials are super relatable and have careers that they balance on top of bringing us entertainment every week. Justin is a professional pharmaceutical representative, Cara is a licensed/practicing attorney and adjunct professor, and Miche is a social worker. This podcast is a guide to anyone trying to navigate through all aspects of life, they show you that it’s okay to not have it all together –we’re going to get through it!

Check them out:

There podcast are available in the Podcast App on Apple devices

Instagram: millenniallov3


Small Doses is a podcast brought to you by Amanda Seales. You may remember her from radio and hosting/ appearances on MTV and most recently her role as Tiffany on the hit show Insecure on HBO. Seales is an advocate social issues and has been outspoken on topics she cares dearly about via Instagram. So many fans loved her transparency and wanted more than just IG videos! Her podcast features guests to help assist in covering an array of topics, mostly dealing with self-issues such as coping with insecurity, struggles of being an innovator, going through the “Ho phase” (LOL). Seales drops major gems on her podcast series; she funny, confident and honest, her light and energy is very inspiring to listeners seeking motivation and advice in dealing with inner issues.

Check out her podcast on the Podcast App on Apple Devices

If you were feeling this list of podcast don’t worry we will share more of our favorites! Listen to these first and well update you on the newest ones we find. If you all know any great podcast we should check out leave us a comment below!




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