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Welcome to NeshaKiwi

Hello everyone! We’re NeshaKiwi and we are very excited to finally launch our site with the world. NeshaKiwi is a home for all of our creative endeavors including our blog, shop and events. But, before we go into detail about our purpose, let’s start off by giving you a little background about us. We came up with our name by combining  our childhood nicknames, “Nesha” (Ronnesha) and “Kiwi” (Kimia). We’ve been best friends for over 12 years and we started our blogging ventures on BlogSpot and YouTube circa 2008.  We documented our lifestyle, goals and frustrations, as well as our favorite diy fashions, trends and music. When it came to vlogging, we have a vault full of embarrassing weird videos…like this one below:

We went through a phase were we stopped creating content, deterred from blogging because we thought we didn’t have adequate resources to become a successful blog and brand. At the time, we didn’t own expensive high-tech DSLR camera’s or creative software such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut. What we learned throughout the years is that we shouldn’t have been discouraged for not owing expensive “blogging equipment”. A top selling DSLR, MacBook Pro and the finest editing software are beneficial tools, but that advanced technology doesn’t make you a better blogger or more creative. Being doubtful sets you up for failure before you even have a chance to chase your goal. Comparing ourselves to other bloggers and their success was not useful because it caused us to miss out on a lot of great opportunities.

As a blogger you get to share your most  personal content with the world. It can be very scary to broadcast your opinions while being completely oblivious to whether people will be accepting or judgmental towards your work. Many people equate success to the amount of followers and subscribers a person has. If you’re not widely recognized it makes it hard for newcomers to gain an audience on social media platforms. We want people to look pass the “popularity” aspect of blogging and really absorb the content of our blog. We create to inspire our supporters and likeminded individuals, that is our number one focus ALWAYS!

NeshaKiwi Presents: ‘Where Da Party At?’ at Big Chief, July 1st 2017

Now to the good stuff! You’re probably asking yourself the question, “What does NeshaKiwi do”? For starters, NeshaKiwi is blog where we will talk about our FAVORITE things, such as natural hair, diy projects, lifestyle, travel and music. We will showcase interviews with talented inspiring individuals from the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia). Second, we throw events. We threw our first event called, “Where Da Party At?” in Summer 2017. Not to toot our own horn…but it was EPIC. We wanted to throw a party paying homage to our favorite era, the early 2000’s. We are very excited to start planning for the next one, so stay tuned because it will be bigger and better! (Check out photos from the party here. ) Third, we design and make clothes. We are on the hush about our clothing line but we promise to have everything in order very soon! Lastly, we support our community. We have a passion for helping underserved communities and we want to use our site as a platform to raise awareness to social inequity issues.

Please subscribe to our site in order to keep up with weekly post, events and our clothing line launch! Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to collaborate!





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